This page is a guide to install plugins, if you want to develop one instead look here.
Please note that some plugins are officially supported and distributed along with the release

  1. Install
  2. List of embedded plugins
    1. Telegram


To install a plugin you have to:

  1. download the .zip archive (look for the url on the plugin list below)
  2. unpack it in the ./plugins directory.
    cd plugins
  3. install the dependencies with yarn
    cd plugins/gancio-plugin-telegram-bridge
  4. restart gancio
    with debian
    sudo sytemctl restart gancio

    with docker

    docker-compose restart

List of embedded plugins


This plugin republishes events to Telegram channels or groups. The goal is to spread the info of our networks to the capitalist cyberspace, and pull otherwise isolated people to our radical and free part of the internet.