A shared agenda for local communities.

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  • Very easy UI
  • User registration (you can follow them from fediverse personally or follow the whole instance with a special user)
  • Support anonymous event (admin confirmation needed)
  • Multidays events support (festival, conferences…)
  • Recurrent events support (each monday, each two monday, each monday and friday, each first of month, each first monday of month, etc..)
  • Filters events for tags or places
  • RSS and ICS export (with filters)
  • embeddable iframe (example)
  • boost / bookmark / comment events from mastodon!
  • Lot of configurations available (user registration open/close, enable AP federation, enable recurrent events)

About the project

Gancio is made with :heart: by hacklab underscore


Gancio is distributed by an AGPL-3.0 Licence.