All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


  • a new recurring events logic (a la taskwarrior):
    • each occurrence of a recurring event could be personalized.
    • occurrence of recurring events are skippable.
    • occurrence generation could be paused.
  • support h-event microformats! in homepage and in any single event’s page
  • add a background task manager (email, recurring events creation)
  • sanitize html content coming from fediverse and event description with dompurify
    • also remove fbclid params in links
  • front end search optimization
  • use oauth2 for everything, password flow for webclient, this also fix some issue with authentication
  • clickable tags / places @ home (to add them as filters)
  • use a cleaner menububble for the new editor
  • add local smtp and sendmail options on configuration setup
  • check permission for resource removal request from fediverse
  • add resource from fediverse also when inReplyTo is another resource
  • automatic API documentation inclusion in docs
  • split moderation in another tab inside admin panel
  • use axios instead of fetch everywhere
  • lot of ux improvements & error handling
  • search links in event description with linkifyjs while add/edit events
  • remove text templates for emails and use html2text instead
  • fix email unique index for users!


  • New layout (navbar/footer/visible filters)
  • two month calendar on large display
  • admin could edit title, description, about, favicon & logo directly form admin panel
  • new add event layout =>
  • new editor to describe events (bold, italic, link) supported also using copy/paste
  • the editor also support live markdown (try using ### at line start)
  • start oauth2 server implementation (documentation:
  • add fediverse moderation
  • fix embedding an event via iframe
  • images converted in .webp
  • new catalan translation, thanks @fadelkon


  • [locale] add catalan
  • [fix] fedi outbox


  • [ui] add admin section on event page in mobile #63
  • [fix] remove username from users


  • [refactor] s/fed_user/ap_user
  • [fedi] admin moderation


  • [refactor] s/comment/resource/
  • [refactor] remove username field
  • [doc] about and federation


  • [fix] use thumb in head og:img only


  • [fix] #58 wrong url for RSS feed


  • [fedi] comments moderation
  • [fedi] user moderation
  • [fedi] instance moderation
  • [hotfix] cli setup
  • [doc] fix debian upgrade
  • [fix] comment ap_id key length
  • [fix] fediverse signature
  • [fedi] better /inbox /followers response


  • [feat] add rss link @homepage
  • [ui] add lot of explanation text
  • [ui] show copied messages
  • [admin] show n of unconfirmed users/events
  • [ui] spinner while event image is loading
  • [fedi] add follow me dialog in event
  • [fix] do not add reminders in full ics export
  • [fix] remove spaces from hashtags sent via AP
  • [fix] #56 unconfirmed event sent via ap
  • [fix] localPosts/comments in fediverse stats


  • [feat] embed event as widget in external website
  • [fedi] instances moderation in admin
  • [fix] toggle event visibility by owner
  • [fedi] manage unboost
  • [refactoring] auth as middleware


  • [fix] minor


  • [fix] tags in event


  • [model] migrations setup
  • [feat] embeddable event widget/iframe


  • [fix] delete event
  • [fix] wrong html hierarchy


  • [fix] backtop icon on mobile
  • [fix] webfinger nodeinfo return real node info
  • [fix] register email confirmation
  • [feat] add federation settings (enable comments/boost/like)
  • [feat] new event page layout
  • [feat] could download .ics of event
  • [feat] add cors to feed requests
  • [refactoring] settings middleware, cleaning codebase


  • [improve] better quality for images
  • [fix] password recovery email
  • [feat] new action field for notification
  • [feat] add DEBUG env variable in docker-compose.yml
  • [style] fixed width in confirmation events table
  • [fix] #38 timezone issue in rss export and using tor…


  • [fix] image previews from external website
  • [fix] docker-compose postgresql docs
  • [improve] export white logo to fediverse