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CLI - Command Line Interface

  1. Using CLI
    1. Using CLI with Docker installation
  2. Users since 1.6.14
    1. List all users
    2. Create a new user
    3. Remove a user
    4. Reset password
    5. Change administrator privileges

Using CLI

Gancio is distributed with an embedded CLI. To use the CLI you need to specify the config.json configuration file via --config <your_config.json> flag; by default the CLI will look for one in the current directory, so if your current directory is /opt/gancio (having followed the installation instructions) there is no need to specify it.

Using CLI with Docker installation

To use the CLI in a docker installation you can execute a shell inside the container with: docker exec --workdir /home/node/data -it gancio sh and following the normal CLI usage or running commands with:

docker exec --workdir /home/node/data gancio gancio <your command>

(the first “gancio” is the container name)

Users since 1.6.14

All users related sub-commands starts with gancio users. Note that most of this actions could be done from administration panel (Admin > Users).

List all users

To list all users use gancio users list

Create a new user

gancio users create <username|email>

To create an user with administrator privileges use the --admin flag, e.g. gancio users create --admin

Remove a user

gancio users remove <username|email>

Reset password

gancio users reset-password <username|email>

Change administrator privileges

To add administrator privileges to an user: gancio users set-admin <username|email>

To remove administrator privileges from an user: gancio users unset-admin <username|email>