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Gancio was born in Italy from political hacking movements, in particular from the hacklab underscore. We deal not only with technology but also with politics because we believe that technology is not neutral, that the Internet can also become an instrument of oppression, that information and software must be free and that knowledge is not for sale. For us, hacking is study and sharing, it is conscious and unconventional use of tools.

In 2018 we set up a “radical local server” that hosts services explicitly designed for local people / movements / groups / collectives and it is NOT our intention to grow. In fact, we believe that one of the main issues of technology is the scale.

We liked very much the idea of the federation and following the example of our brothers and sisters in bologna (the collective) we setup a mastodon instance as a first service.

The next step was to host a shared calendar, but as we didn’t find anything that would fit, we decided to write it ourselves.