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Embed a single event or a list of events in your webpage

You can embed a list of filtered events or a specific event card in your webpage using a classic old-school iframe or a shiny new webcomponent.

  1. Webcomponents
    1. Embed a single event
    2. Embed event lists
  2. IFrame
  3. Wordpress


Webcomponents usage requires a small (~5kB gzipped) js script to be loaded in your page (note that you should use your instance name):

<script src=''></script>

Embed a single event

To embed an event in webpages you use <gancio-event> custom element, you can copy the required code in event’s page > Embed > Copy, should be like the following:

<gancio-event id=17 baseurl=''></gancio-event>

Embed event lists

You can also embed a list of events using <gancio-events> custom element, you can copy the required code in Export > List > Copy

<gancio-events baseurl=''>
  <a href=''>Gancio Events</a>

Gancio Events


Note that you can modify the title (or completely remove it using an empty title param), you can limit the list to a maximum number of events using the maxlength parameter and filter events by tags or places using that parameters (it’s easier using gancio than to explain it here)


You can also use the old iframe method

<iframe src='' style="width: 410px; border: none; height: 210px; overflow: hidden;"></iframe>


To embed an event or a list of events into a WordPress website you can use the WPGancio plugin, this allows you to use webcomponents and shortcodes and automatically includes the needed script in each page and post.