Docker installation

  1. Setup
  2. Start gancio
  3. Upgrade


Make sure to have Docker Engine, Docker Compose and nginx installed:

sudo apt install docker docker-compose nginx

Create a directory where everything related to gancio is stored:

mkdir -p /opt/gancio
cd /opt/gancio

Download docker-compose.yml choosing your preferred database dialect between sqlite, postgres and mariadb:


Start gancio

Start your container:

docker-compose up -d

You can take a look at logs using:

tail -f  data/logs/gancio.log

You’ll need to setup nginx as a proxy then you can point your web browser to your domain :tada:


Backup your data

Backup your data is generally a good thing to do and this is especially true before upgrading. Don’t be lazy and backup your data!

cd /opt/gancio # or where your installation is
docker-compose pull && docker-compose up -d