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  1. Add a new event
  2. Get current authenticated user

Add a new event




Content-Type has to be multipart/form-data to support image upload


title string event’s title
description string event’s description (html accepted and sanitized)
place_name string the name of the place
place_address string the address of the place
start_datetime integer start timestamp
multidate integer is a multidate event?
tags array List of tags
recurrent object Recurrent event details
recurrent.frequency string could be 1w or 2w
recurrent.type string not used
recurrent.days array array of days
image image Image

Get current authenticated user




   "description" : null,
   "recover_code" : "",
   "id" : 1,
   "createdAt" : "2020-01-29T18:10:16.630Z",
   "updatedAt" : "2020-01-30T22:42:14.789Z",
   "is_active" : true,
   "settings" : "{}",
   "email" : "",
   "is_admin" : true