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Since v.1.2.2 you can write your own plugin that react to event related action (create,update,delete).

What this is useful for?

  • Do you want to create a post in your wordpress website each time an event is published? hint
  • Do you want to send a summary notification of daily events via mail?
  • Notify a telegram group or share via twitter?

Please share your plugins or your needs

Plugins should be inside ./plugins directory, this is an example:

const plugin = {
  gancio: null,
  load (gancio) {
    console.error('Plugin GancioPluginExample loaded!')
    plugin.gancio = gancio

  onEventCreate (event) {
    const eventLink = `${plugin.gancio.settings.baseurl}/event/${event.slug}`
    if (!event.is_visible) {
      console.error(`Unconfirmed event created: ${event.title} / ${eventLink}`)
    } else {
      console.error(`Event created: ${event.title} / ${eventLink}`)

  onEventUpdate (event) {
    console.error(`Event "${event.title}" updated`)

  onEventDelete (event) {
    console.error(`Event "${event.title}" deleted`)

module.exports = plugin