Gancio supports recurrent events if enabled to (Admin > Settings, disabled by default).


When enabled, you are able to create recurrent events. Recurrent events are not shown by default to visitors, they have to enable it, or you can choose to show them by default in admin panel.


Add a recurrent event

Same as adding a normal event, but you can choose choose the details of event recurrence. Choose a frequency first:


and use the calendar to select one or more days.


How does it work

Behind the scene, gancio ensures that at least the next three occurrences of the event are always created. It creates that single events by copying the properties of the parent event, so if you modify the parent event’s title, or the day of the week, each newly created occurrence will took the new title and the new selected day. Old occurrences will be preserved.

You can edit a specific event occurrence with more details, a different poster/flyer, a different title/description or decide to completely hide it.

Stop/pause a recurrent event (eg. during summer)

A specific menu is shown viewing an instance of recurrent event…